Also known as the Devil’s eye, the Bermuda triangle, although roughly defined geographically, is harshly viewed in the eyes of the media as well as the general public. But so is any place of conflict and mystery. Where man doesn’t have a definite picture in the head, to fill the gap, the mind conjures the other half of the scenario. 

And the stir in imagination was further nuanced in the case of the Bermuda triangle by the disappearances associated with it. For decades, mankind has pondered over the remains of those that vanished off in the region. Call many obsessed, but the topic has been in the spotlight ever sine it was discovered. But we still fail to see exactly what is behind the dark reputation of this sullen part of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Location Of the Bermuda Triangle 

The Devil’s eye is positioned in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean, which is the South-eastern coats of USA. The name of the region comes from its location ad siting. It is perched right between three locations as the sides of the triangle.  It is bounded by three sites which include Miami, San Juan and the Island Bermuda, covering almost 500,000 square miles of the ocean (twice the size of Texas).

The Devil’s eye is positioned in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean, which is the South-eastern coast of the USA. The name of the region comes from its location and siting. It is perched right between three locations as the sides of the triangle.  It is bounded by three sites which include Miami, San Juan and the Island Bermuda.

However, these are imaginary boundaries. And as these were put out in the first place by a novelist, they have been extended by other novelists as well. The area isn’t defined, just imagined by creating invisible borders to tell the place where the most disappearances occur. The scarce research done on the area is the result of another factor; the lack of official recognition. 

Although the Bermuda triangle did strike home with its clandestine nature and enthralled a huge gathering of curious researchers and public. Yet, it failed to properly excite the authorities. Most of them say that reasoning on the disappearances is useless and there’s no mystery at all in the first place. 

History Of the Bermuda Triangle 

The story starts with Christopher Columbus. Upon his first sail to the New World, he saw a “great flame of fire” striking the surface of the water. He also claimed that the compass went haywire somewhere along the area today pronounced as the Bermuda triangle. Several more events kept taking place in the three-dimensional Devil’s eye, however, the chief cause of the attention took place in the 20th century.

In March 1918, over 300 men and 10,000 tons worth of manganese vanished within the area, nowhere to be found again. The mighty Navy cargo ship, USS Cyclops, descended and was rolled away by the unforgiving area. Then again in 1941, two of its akin ships sank along the same area. Among these noticeably tragic events, several others continued to take place and inspire dread.

In December 1945, another catastrophic event took place with 14 men vanishing off into the mysterious place. By this time, the general public was alarmed entirely of the frequent disappearances. Moreover, it was a long now before someone gave a name to the pivotal place of occurrence and Vincent Gaddis coined the term “Bermuda Triangle” in 1964. 

On 31 January 1880, the sail training ship HMS Atalanta (HMS Juno) vanished as if the sea swallowed its whole existence as a whole. Another mystery which enticed the people the wrong way was that of Joshua Slocum’s death. He passed in this 1909 voyage, and it is said that he travelled somewhere between the area today classified under Bermuda. 

Furthermore, the legends were further spiced up by media articles at that time. One of the earliest and most popular of such articles was that by Edward Van Winkle, in September, 1950. Another was published by the Fate magazine as the “Sea Mystery at Our Back Door”.

Myths About the Bermuda Triangle

Being infamous, it is only natural it acquired quite the dark reputation, which included all kinds of haunted stories, paranormal as well as intergalactic occurrences. So, is the Bermuda triangle really a haunted place? Well, it does swallow almost four planes and twenty boats per year, but it doesn’t have any clue of aliens and ghosts as of now. 

Some blame the aliens for the complete vanishments, while others believe that the sea monsters take them away. Another rather fascinating point of view is that of the existence of Atlantis. Especially the Bimini harbour is said to have been their primal port, but again, no evidence agrees. Moreover, it is thought that at that region, the compass turns chaotic.

Scientific Explanation of the Devil’s Eye

There are several scientific conclusions to the occurrences. However, no one can really tell exactly where the lost ships, people, and planes go. This idea remains a secret between the sea and the lost. However, there are several explanations as to what might have been taking place. Some scientists blame that one of the reasons might be the magnetic abnormalities. Some others say that the Bermuda triangle occurs in the crux of some of the worst weather phenomena. 

An incredibly fast gulf stream, coupled with the abnormal air temperature, results in the production of a rather disturbed weather environment. Additionally, the Puerto Rico trench can also be the reason for the permanent displacement of the bodies as well as the wreckage. It is the deepest part of the Atlantic and is victim to intense storms, hence why the Bermuda triangle is also called the “Hurricane Alley”.

Visiting the Bermuda Triangle 

Bermuda Island is in fact, a great place to visit, despite popular belief. Furthermore, you can also take tours down the supposedly haunted triangle. The name of the island was hanged to Bermuda because of its existence in the territory. However, its former nickname ‘Isle of the Devil’ was quite spooky as well. It I located almost 630 miles from the fulcrum of the Bermuda triangle itself. The King’s Wharf, several relics of shipwrecks and a 400-year-old chapel, along with mesmerizing beaches make for one beautiful yet spooky place.

The Takeaway

Located in the west of the North Atlantic Ocean, the Bermuda triangle holds a special place in the heart of researchers. It has goggled up planes and hips, and apparently hasn’t given any away as of now. This notion makes it almost impossible to know what exactly goes on in the shady triangle.

Scientists seem to have some tentative explanations of the situation, but they still aren’t fully sure. In the meantime, people conjure up every myth they could possibly lay off of the scandalous story. From being haunted to having alien UFOs, the Devils eye doesn’t lack in this department a bit.